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Morning Coffee: Credit Suisse banker This appears to have been the t hought of Shauna Varvel , wife of Eric, former head of Credit Suisse Asset Management. Six years ago, New Yorkers Shauna and Eric bought a large 18th century farm house,  'Le Mas des Poiriers,' with 65 acres in the Provence region of France.  While Eric was working for Credit Suisse in London, Shauna - a former PR for Estee Lauder - worked on the new French house and gardens with the help of architect Alexandre Lafourcade and 'famed Provencal landscape architect,' Dominique Lafourcade. Six years, 200, trees and an entire renovation and refurbishment later, it's complete. Shauna has released a book about her design insights and she, the house and Eric were profiled in the London  Times  at the weekend.  The house looks beautiful and its refurbishment is certainly a kind of achievement, but as Finews points out, it's also not ideal timing to be boasting about all the money you've spent on a super-deluxe holiday house. Eric Varvel was managing Credit Suisse's asset management business until he was asked to focus on other roles (he's also head of the U.S. holding company and chairman of the investment bank) by Credit Suisse CEO Thomas Gottstein in March 2021 following  losses of $3bn on Greensill funds . After Credit Suisse also lost a further $4.5bn on family office Archegos, despite only earning $17.5m in fees the previous year , incoming chairman António Horta-Osório is now contemplating a major shake-up that could involve closing entire divisions of the investment bank or spinning it off altogether.  Speaking at Credit Suisse's annual general meeting last week, Horta-Osório said Credit Suisse's crisis was the worst he'd seen and that he plans an, “in-depth assessment of the bank’s strategic options.”  Horta-Osório said, too, that he will review whether the bank has the “right incentives . . . including on remuneration."  Varvel has worked at Credit Suisse for 31 years and clearly amassed some handsome bonuses and houses over that period (he also has/ had a summer house in Utah  and a large house in Greenwich, Connecticut , both of which have also had their moments in interior magazines).  When Horta-Osório casts an eye over compensation, he may therefore conclude that Varvel is already very well provided for. Irrespective of 2021 pay, Varvel's deferred bonus for 2020 is being clawed back as a result of Greensill. If things become too tight, he could always rent out Le Mas des Poiriers to colleagues. The sumptuous French house is already, 'available exclusively for weekly rental for a select few weeks each year,' but could be rented more frequently to provide a generous replacement income. Contact details are available here ...  Separately, as banks make moves to summon people back to the office , it seems likely that some will decide that they'd rather do something entirely different instead. Bloomberg claims to have unearthed a rush of Americans in their late 40s and early 50s who don't fancy a return to the commute. One, 'an executive whose stock portfolio has performed well', is reportedly retiring at 48 as the prospect of having to go back to traveling 10 to 12 nights a month isn’t appealing anymore.  Credit Suisse lent money to Archegos allowing leverage of up to ten times, and only asked for collateral worth 10% of the sums borrowed. (Bloomberg)  JPMorgan analyst Kian Abouhossein estimates Credit Suisse's prime brokerage unit made $900m of revenues last year, just over a third of the total from its equities business. “We see shrinkage as a material setback for the overall long-term viability of Credit Suisse’s investment bank,” he added.

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The realities of climate change are pushing big businesses to focus on sustainability NYC MTA Chief: Biden's plan is 'once in a generation opportunity' A consensus appears to be taking root in Corporate America: What's good for the environment can also be good for business. As President Joe Biden prepares to bring 40 world leaders together for a two-day climate summit this week, big businesses have been amplifying their sustainability initiatives and making trillion-dollar pledges to fight climate change. Meanwhile, consumers are increasingly concerned about business' carbon footprints, and companies are feeling the pressure and urgency to act. Ahead of Earth Day and Biden's climate summit, CNN Business rounded up the latest news from Corporate America's environmental enlightenment. JPMorgan Chase ( JPM ) is putting serious firepower behind the fight against climage change. The bank on Thursday said it would finance or facilitate investments of $2.5 trillion over 10 years to support initiatives that focus on combating climate change and enhancing sustainable development. Some of the efforts will center around renewable energy, new clean technology, waste management and conservation. The announcement is the latest addition to a long list of environment-focused pledges from financial institutions, but it's believed to be the largest of its kind by a major bank. Google Earth shows the effect of climate change A new Google Earth feature gives viewers a sobering look at how much climate change and human behavior have damaged the planet during the past four decades. The feature, called Timelapse, turns the platform's still images into a 4D experience. Clicking through reveals moving pictures of melting ice caps, receding glaciers, massive urban growth and devastation from wildfires from 1984 to today. Mastercard ( MA ) created a calculator that measures consumers' carbon footprints based on what they purchase. find this The tool focuses on specific spending categories but doesn't track individual transactions. It also shares information about the number of trees that are required to absorb the same amount of carbon dioxide that is released from the consumer's purchases in specific categories. In an effort to reduce waste, Nike ( NKE ) is asking customers to bring in sneakers that are gently worn or have manufacturing flaws. After cleaning and sanitizing the shoes, the company plans to resell them at select stores at a reduced price. Nike said it's currently selling the returned shoes in eight Nike stores in the United States, and it plans to expand to 15 locations by the end of April and several more by the end of the year. Wells Fargo announced its goal of hitting net-zero greenhouse gas emissions — including from the companies and projects it finances — by 2050. And while 2050 is far away, the announcement is a big step for Wells Fargo ( CBEAX ), which has long been a major backer of oil, natural gas and coal projects that climate activists warn threaten the planet.